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Zoom, first of all, if you've chosen the Lee Classic Cast turret press to start with, you've made good choice for the calibers you're going to be loading.

Secondly, based on my limited experience there is nothing to be gained by using plated bullets over a properly sized/hardended cast bullet. You'll just pay a bit more to use them. I've loaded cast SWC, FPBB andTCBB bullets in a couple of different 9mm, 38Super, and 45ACP without any feeding problems. Have no experience with RN, but that should be a no-brainer.

Three things to keep in mind when loading cast bullets in auto pistols-

1 - Any roll crimp is not desired. Just remove the flare, as most cases headspace on their mouths.

2 - Size bullets at .001-.002 over groove diameter if you want to improve accuracy.

3 - Choose bullet hardness based on velocity desired. When I just started to load for 45ACP, I choose a hardcast SWC and ended up with alot of leading. When I went to a softer alloy, the bullet expanded to fill the bore more completely and leading went away.

Rifle shooters can use cast bullets all day long at up to 2000fps, as long as they pay attention to bore size and bullet hardness, so you won't find cast bullets to be limited in velocity like some plated bullets are.

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