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No, I said what I meant. I was just wrong, uninformed, and ignorant on this topic. I thought the soft lead would be hard to clean but I just hadn't really thought about that. I guess when you run the brush through the barrel, the lead comes out.

I meant 45 ACP and 45LC. I do not know one crimp from another. I have ordered the Lee Classic Turret Press and 8 die sets, 6 of which have a crimping die. So, whatever that does, that's what I'll be doing.

Serf 'rett
Thanks for your load data. I'll try to stay around 1000 FPS on the 9MM plated

Hammerhead -- thanks for clarifying the plated coverage

and thanks to Serf 'rett who explained how they are made

Dframe -- I'll load some Berry plated 40s over Clays. Looks like I'll end up with a bunch of powders and bullets!
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