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Help needed with starting out.

I am thinking about starting to reload because it is costing me a furtune to shoot. Like I said in a previous post I shoot at minimum 300 rounds a week at the range. Since I am shooting a lot of the large caliber handguns it can cost me up to $50.00 a box of 50 rounds.

I am currently looking at reloading the following calibers 9mm, .44magnum/special, .357 magnum/special, .45 acp, .45 colt , S&W .460 magnum and finally .454 casull.

Right now I am leaning towards purchasing the Dillon XL 650 with the automatic powder measure and Powder check and the automatic primer system. Later on I would like to add the automatic case feeder but right now it is not in the budget.

Does this sound like a good place to start. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
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