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Originally Posted by RC20
Its the 2nd Amendment, not the third, 4th or the tenth. The founders found it important enough that it was the Second only to freedom of speech, assembly, freedom of the press (the Pen is mightier than the sword)
You flunked the history test right there.

The original Bill of Rights contained 12 amendments. The first 2 were not enacted by the time the other ten were passed. What we know as the 2A was, in actuality, the 4th amendment on the list. What we call the 1st, was the 2nd on the list. The actual 2nd article of amendment was eventually ratified (in 1992) and became our 27th amendment.

Who is going to give any credence to the rest of what you say, when you have just proved yourself to be uninformed from the outset?

The Second Amendment is 2nd, only because of happenstance.

Source: The Original Bill of Rights
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