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Willie Sutton
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i will not boycott products made in NY state. That is counterproductive. It's not the fault of law abiding NY gunowners that non-gun owning antis in NY City drive the agenda for the state.

The moral position of firearms owners should be to drive NY State into bankruptcy, disfunction, and financial and political ruin, so that it becomes an absolute requirement to re-think all of the political system there. Not supporting anything from NY financially is one way to act. Moving out and taking your financial and intellectual capacity away from the failed system is another way to act. Moving your own business away is yet another. Let it fail so that it may be rebuilt later.

Or, for those who think: "Who is Jon Galt?"

Wherever you go, you've got shall-issue carry permits, no state-level restrictions on ownership, and you can find .45 Auto Rim in hardware stores

Sign me up! No more half moon clips for the S&W 1955 target? Now that's a good place to live...


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