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Suggestions for a Revolver

Due to the severe restrictions put upon me and other gun owners by my Governor and State Legislature, I guess it is time to think about getting into the world of revolvers. I thought I would check here for some expertise and suggestions. I know Smith and Wesson, Ruger, and Taurus are pretty popular. I currently own several S&W's, a Sig, and a Colt Combat Commander all 9mm semi's and a High Standard Mark IV .22 LR/.22 mag revolver. Unfortunately one of my Smith's has to go within the next year or I become an instant criminal. I hope to use the money to purchase a revolver.

I am thinking a .38 spl new or used for home defense and action shooting with a 3"-4" barrel is the way to go because it is similar in size, recoil,etc. to the 9mm. I am willing to consider other calibers like .357 and load .38's for range time, is that a common practice? I do reload and have dies for .45 acp and .44 mag (I bought the reloading equipment used and the dies/components were part of the deal). Ideally, I would like to find a .45 acp revolver to take advantage of my equipment, but from my limited research they are difficult to find and quite expensive $900 and up. I also have the option of selling my unused Dillon dies and related components to fund a .38 spl set up. I don't think a .44 mag is practical for my needs unless someone can convince me otherwise. Thanks.
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