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Thanks a lot, guys. I'm still relatively new to the community - I bought the Remington in August '12. Wanted to be a gunowner my whole life and had to do it as I was finally moving away from home, into my own place with my fiance. So yeah, it's my first - and for now - only gun. That photo came out too much like a glamour shot haha I fancy the gun as more of a workhorse. I don't have much love for synthetic, black, modern looking scatterguns, so I'm looking forward to this one aging and if it acquires a few dings and scratches along the way, that's fine by me.

The only modification I didn't list earlier was a delrin hi-vis follower from S&J Hardware. The tip is concave, so even if you feel it you can confirm Empty without looking. Eventually, I'll probably have an XS big dot on top of that bead, but I'm in no rush on that. The only other thing I'd really like to do, swap in a chrome bolt. (I'm know, I'm going in the opposite direction as tacti-cool...) but I just love that old school riot gun look. I can see I'm not alone!

A parting shot of the business end with the Streamlight TLR-1 mounted. Safe shooting, guys.

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