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Need Help With New CZ 75 Problem

I am hoping someone here may have an idea of what may be causing my CZ 75 to malfunction.

I recently purchased a new CZ 75 Shadow T-SA in 9mm. I bought the pistol in November and it has been working flawlessly up until recently. The problem I’m having is that it will not fire consecutive shots as of late. This happened all at once; it fired fine and then started not firing consecutive shots. It wasn’t a problem that seemed to get progressively worse.

When I load a fresh magazine and rack the slide the pistol will fire the first shot fine and eject the spent case and will load the next round and return to full battery but when I pull the trigger the hammer will not drop and the gun won’t fire a second shot. If I pull back on the slide even a half inch and release the slide the pistol will then be able to fire a shot and the cycle then repeats itself with me not being able to fire a follow up shot again without slightly pulling back on the slide and releasing it…

I have cleaned the pistol thoroughly and properly lubricated it as well. I would estimate that I have a total of 600 rounds through the pistol since I purchased it 3 months ago. Does this sound like it could be a mechanical problem or something else? I have a few calls and e-mails into CZ but their answering machine says they are at the SHOT Show all week. Thank you for any insight.
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