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1st revolver help

Gentlemen- I started my gun owning experience about 6 months ago by purchasing a Walther PPQ 40. I absolutely love this firearm and have gotten fairly profiecient with it in the short amount of time I have had it. I live in Iowa and do have a CC permit but I have not felt comfortable doing so with such a large gun. I would like to purchase a revolver that would mainly be kept in my vehilce but also used for CC. At my place of employement I'm not allowed to carry a weapon but can keep a weapon unloaded in my vehicle.

Here is where the help comes in:

I am wanting a small revolver, 2" preferably but 3" barrel could work, chambered in either 38 special +p or 357 magnum.

Am I correct in thinking that a 357 magnum chambered gun can also fire 38 special +p ammo? But a 38 special +p gun can NOT fire 357 mag ammo? If this is the case I see no reason why I wouldn't get a 357.

I'm looking for something that is reliable, easy to conceal, has an external hammer priced close to $400. Any suggestions? Please keep in mind availability as it seems many guns are sold out in stores and on-line.

If you need any additional information please let me know. Thank you in advance for help help you can lend.
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