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I bought my CZpo1 at GM a few years ago. I was a little put out that while they let me examine the display model, they wouldn't even let me see inside the sealed box my actual gun came in. When I got home and looked it over, I discovered that they gave me 2 10 rd. mags only, instead of the 15 rd. mags the display model came with.
I went back and they eventually made it right. I got to keep one of the 10 rounders plus the 2 15 rounders they had to order for me.
It seemed like I paid enough for my CZ at the time, but I don't remember just how much.
I do remember that besides getting probably the nicest 9mm I'll ever own, I got a pretty good trade in on what was probably the worst. A Taurus pt something-or-other.
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