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I could come up with useful reasons for a big azz handgun all day. But I am an honest person and to be honest I just like the idea that whatever the game is a 460 can do it. My SD gun of choice is a Beretta 96 and my target gun of choice is either my 1911 9mm or 22/45, Much more reasonable by anyones standards. But some times you just have to do it or shoot it because its there. kind of like having a Porsche or a lifted truck. You know your not going to race around Nuremberg ring or bust through the mud pits with it. But the idea is that it will.
In my case my wife would kill me for buying a Porsche and a lifted pickup just isnt practical. So a 460 will fill that need.
Having said that. Is it useless to have one with a 8" barrel? Is a 10" any better? I cant hold anything bigger than a 10" on target. So at that point would I actually get better performance from a 44mag?
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