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Bullseye is my favorite 9mm powder for factory-equivalent or lighter loads. But Green Dot is a good one for lighter loads (especially with light bullets), and GD is one of the few powders you can usually find in stock somewhere even when locusts have devoured everything else off the shelf.

Also watch for Hodgdon's Universal (a.k.a. "Universal Clays"), Unique, AA#5, 231, HP38, Zip, Power Pistol, and WSF. I'm sure there's lots of other good ones too.

Whatever powder you use, if you can't find small pistol primers anywhere you *can* use small pistol magnums or Federal small rifles (#205) even if it's not optimal. You have to work up the load from scratch using the hot primer.

Depending what powder you end up with, and what bullet weight, you can get up to 2000 loads from a pound of powder. 1700 is probably a better number for estimating.
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