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Thanks for all the insight guys, Ive been working on saving for one.
At this point, all I know is that I want one.

the WW i think is my first choice, if i can find one of course. havent called cabelas yet about ordering one but i dont think id have much luck anyway.

I called the shop and the colt sold already. it was one with a fixed carry handle, so I wouldnt have been able to do much with it anyway.

My uncle owns a colt (i think?) being a state trooper that is the only one he is allowed to use on the jod when needed. I did take it to the range a while ago and it shoots well.
as far as placing an order for one, I'll see about making some calls, I have a few connections I can check out. There is a gun show coming up next weekend, i highly doubt it but maybe i can get lucky and find one that i can actually pay for.
M1 A's are up in price too from what ive seen.
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