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BFR 45-70 Cylinder questions.

Hi I just got a new BFR 45-70. And have a question.

IF I pull the hammer to half cock and rotate the cylinder by hand half way to the next chamber and let the hammer back down when I pull the hammer back to index the next round the gun is locked up. IF I index it with the hammer or rotate it till it is locked than it will work every time. This also applies if I close the loading gate and it's not indexed most of the time trying to pull the hammer back it just stops and does not try to rotate the cylinder.

All my other revolvers it does not matter where the cylinder is at when you cock the hammer it will rotate to the next chamber.

It is correct with the single action. I did notice a big burr where the paw rotates the cylinder and I removed the burr and it made no difference.

PS. I keep hearing about the Fit and finish on the BFR's but this one is average at best. The cylinder gap was perfect but when they brushed the finish they rolled over a few of the edges and there was razor sharp edges on the hammer and the crown was not lapped there was a big burr at the crown. But all fixable so no real problem.
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