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As Art says, wait until something concrete is proposed and follow that.

As for "Will this be banned"? questions, no one knows and there are slip ups made.

As example, the New York law apparently doesn't take effect until March.
Today they discovered that unless they change the new law, when it takes effect it will be a crime for New York law enforcement on all levels to possess any magazines over 7 rounds.

Since all New York state and city cops carry at least 15 round mags, this constitutes one of those "Oops" things the fools failed to consider in the rush to look proactive.

There are some inconsiderate people asking questions in New York like:
"Why should a retired cop be allowed to have 15 round magazines? He's not a working cop any more and doesn't need them for self defense any more then "civilians" do.".

"If 7 rounds is enough for a citizen, why do the police need 15 rounds. If they're afraid of being out-gunned by criminals, what am I? Chopped liver"?
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