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I posted this in a thread but due to the fact there were already several threads on the topic it was locked. This seems a fitting thread for it and I invite your comments.

1. We gun owners need to be responsible to keep our guns locked up safe when not in use (carry is in use) and out of the hands of the wrong people.
2. If your guns are stolen it needs to be reported immediately after the theft is recognized. All gun owners should have a personal inventory of their guns to include pictures and serial numbers for just such an event.
3. If your gun gets into the wrong hands do to your negligence (ie. Leaving a loaded gun unsecured around untrained children or someone known to be suicidal/homicidal, forgetting a gun on a bench at the range etc) you should be held accountable and be placed on restriction or possibly jail time determined by the courts based on the facts in your individual case.

4. So called straw or straw man buyers (A person who knowingly and willfully purchases a gun for someone who legally can not own a firearm) should serve a minimum of 2 years per gun bought and sold determined by the reason the 2nd party can't buy a gun of their own.
5. If a crime is committed with a gun sold by the straw buyer they should then be sentenced to serve an additional time equal to the perpetrator of any crime committed with that gun when the 2nd party is convicted.

The only form of gun control I will support is one where law abiding citizens take control of their guns.
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