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Nate, obviously there are some possible compromises. The trouble with the FOID concept is that licensing of given rights, eliminated it as a right. Also, it creates a clear path for McArthyism (sp?). We don't need ids which establish a vehicle for political selection of gun owners.

We would be much better off controlling ourselves by the NRA or similar making a trained gun owner program and promoting it to gun ranges, gun buyers and gun sellers as a way to ensure their customers are legal, safe shooters and gun buyers who can be reached by contacting the NRA. I'm thinking this private organization creates a basic training level, creates online buyers and sellers who are "known" even if only by the NRA and addresses most issues of being screwed by buyers, sellers and some untrained jackwad shooting next to you pointing his gun at you.

I'm thinking that the NRA,etc could work this into basic training classes.
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