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I will keep at it. Mostly because I do not generally have the option of knocking on their doors or calling them at dinner time to tell them in person what I think. I do always take care to state my opinions in a strong but professional and respectful manner. I hope everyone is doing the same. Hateful and vulgar language might make you feel better but is unlikely to help.

Just a plug for another thread that might have gone unnoticed by some. Guns Across America is planning peaceful demonstrations in support of the 2nd in most state capitols at noon on Saturday.
Seams like once we the people give what, at the time, seams like a reasonable inch and "they" take the unreasonable mile we can only get that mile back one inch at a time.

No spelun and grammar is not my specialty. So please don't hurt my sensitive little feelings by teasing me about it.
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