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16 inch Marlin Question

A while back I found a .44 mag 1894s with a 16 inch barrel stamped "The Marlin Limited" on it. Serial N. indicated it was made around 1996 and I really like it (very handy) but I don't see anything with that short length barrel on Marlin's website today.

I wanted a .357 in the same configuration so I picked up a 16 inch Rossi M92 (had to sort through the LGS to make sure I got one that fed well w. snap caps and dummy rounds and where the action felt right) and it seems pretty nice as well but I still like the side ejection and easier take down of the Marlin (was going to take down the 92 then thought better of it...)

My question is, did Marlin ever make a 16 inch .357 lever action? I'm thinking the .44 16 inch might have been a limited run since I've never seen another like it and so far my web searches for a .357 have come up pretty slim. If they did, I'll keep an eye out for one.

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