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I don't "need" my AR any more than Rosa Parks "needed" to sit in the front of that bus. My civil rights, like Parks', are not up for negotiation!
I like that. Nicely done.

The "good enough for LE, good enough for me" will only play well in places where LE have read their Sir Robert Peel (and his "Peelian Principles"), and do not refer to citizens as "civilians" ...... as if they themselves are something else. Before anybody jumps on me as a "cop basher", go read Lawdog's treatise on the subject:

Refute THAT, if you can, and then tell me how wrong I am.

IMO, you are either a "civilian", with civil rights, subject to the COTUS, or you are "military", and subject to the UCMJ. ..... so many in LE seem to think they are not either, and are Law unto themselves.....
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