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Got to agree with Stevens' comment. I was able to borrow a chronograph recently to clock some of my 9mm reloads, averages shown below:

Light target load with W231 powder, Berry's 124 HBFP - 852 fps
Berry's 124 HBRNTP over 5.0 gn Power Pistol - 1042 fps
Berry's 124 HBRNTP over 5.2 gn Power Pistol - 1081 fps
Berry's 115 RNDS over 6.2 gn Power Pistol - 1232 fps (Thumper load - not recommended. While charge weight is less than maximum shown in several of my manuals, the velocity lets me know I'm on the upper end with my particular pistol.)

All of these loads come from the best groups from different series which I worked up. I was interested in accuracy first and foremost. It almost appears the groups would come together at approximately 200 fps steps. Got to think about that one...

As Stevens' said, no need to baby these bullets.
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