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I ordered a pair and they took about a month to arrive.

The grips I received were awful and looked like a beginner had made them. I've hear that some are perfect, and some show up like mine did. Here is what I found:

1.) The wood grain and color was quite different between the right and left side.

2.) There was a large gap right behind the trigger guard.

3.) The grips didn't follow the contour of the backstrap.

4.) The finger grooves didn't line up, and someone had attempted to "blend" them together with sanding, so the result was weird-looking slanted finger grooves.

I sent them back and didn't even bother trying to get replacements. If a company lets garbage like that out of their shop with their name on it, that says everything I want to know about the company. These were expensive grips, too.

After sending the grips back, it took 2 phone calls and 3 emails (getting progressively angrier) to get my money refunded with a simple PayPal transaction. At every turn, I was assured that they were "very sorry", and that the refund would happen very soon.

I really like the design of the Eagle grips, but the execution and follow up was absolutely terrible.
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