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I have used a few different powders for 9 mm. WST, WSF, W231/HP38, AA2, AA5 and AA7. You might like WSF, W231 and AA5 better than the others. WST is no longer listed for 9 mm in most books. It fills the case well but since you probably won't be able to find data to double check what I use I suggest not using it. If you can't confirm load data from a reliable source it is better to find a different load. I like powders that are easy to measure with little difference between powder drops.

The type of bullet you use might make a difference as to which powder might be a better match. Also what you are using the ammo for could also make a difference. Since there are several things that could make differences, it is one reason to have at least one if not two or more manuals. The more you know the better the results become. It also makes it easier to ask the questions you need answers to the most. Some differences are really minor and for plinking ammo it might not make a difference. Others could effect things a lot and maybe too much. I check data with at least two sources before I get near the press. I still have not blown up a gun or lost any fingers doing things this way.
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