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That was just it, I wanted the Sub bad when I got it, looked for it for a solid month, and got a good deal on it, had fun with it, in the end it was great fun, but felt like a toy sort of (Despite the fact it was dead accurate, reliable, and had plenty of power)

I replaced all the Philips head screws with hex buttons, and I replaced the stock front sight, it did look a lot better afterward (Or less like a water gun), but still, this XD9 looks and feels much more solid and real.

Lee, it was new, but not in the case, I pulled the slide off when we traded out, no wear and squeaky clean.

Will call SA in the morning, I cannot wait to go shoot this thing.

I have a nice small green laser coming in the mail should be here in a couple of days. Unfortunately LaserMax did not make a pin laser for it but this thing tucks away neatly under the rail from the pics, so it should still be good.
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