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I agree 100%

I regret selling my Mk. II Government target. I had a bad experience with it (nothing to do with the pistol) and had to let it go. Only down side it was too darn heavy for anything but a range toy.

The Mk. II was indeed the high water mark. Nothing like having to "fix" a brand new in the box pistol. When I had the failures with my brand new Mk. III I was going to send it in to Ruger, until I read that others had done that only to have the same problems. I want my Ruger to eat most anything I feed it.

Next up is getting rid of the mag. disconnect but that is not a big deal. I am fairly happy with my Mk. III since I did the mod I described.

I also just bought a Keltec P11. I had to "fix" it too. Did not mind that so much given it was a 200 dollar pistol. I expect better from Ruger.
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