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There is a movie where a person rents a gun in Japan for 6 hours or something then returns it after using it to kill someone. I thought that had to be made up, then did some research and found that for a considerable time in post-war Japan there were in fact illegal gun rentals for carrying out crimes. Craziest criminal behavior or economic market I ever heard of, well with the exception of women's hand bags.

I have heard that support of a "revolution" in the colonies in the days before "the shot heard 'round the world" hovered around 5%. Once it was apparent armed conflict was coming and there was no avoiding it, that number grew very quickly.

Prior to the Civil War it seems there were similar although not as low numbers.

We have probably all seen figures for percentage of Muslims that are "radicalized" yet we have two wars and many more theaters of operation(most of which aren't going so well). Before we go in the numbers usually hover around the 15%, then as soon as US troops land they soar.

A small minority can force widespread conflict.

Anyone need a diplomat?
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