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It is fixed

Removing the tab eliminates the function of the LCI. Yes the LCI is still there. What is not there is that tab which is what causes the malfunctions.

All I can report is my experience. I brought my new in the box Mk. III to the range and experienced multiple FTF FTE and stovepipes. I researched on the various Ruger forums. Found the LCI was a common issue and how to disable it. I could not get through 1 full mag without a malfunction.

I removed that tab and the pistol now works like my Mk. II IE: perfect. Many others on the Ruger forums reported the same experience. Note: The metal tab is separate from the polymer piece it is mounted in. Just remove the small metal tab, and reassemble.

I do not want or need a LCI. I would not mind it's presence if it worked. It does not.
YMMV but that's my experience.
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