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I cannot say for the Taurus 92 but I did own the PT101 and loved it. I have owned two 92 Beretta's. A 92F and a 92FS. The FS was the biggest piece of crap I have ever had in semi auto pistols. The 92f was great. The FS jammed constantly and was sent back to Beretta 3 times. The first was due to it shooting 8" low and left at 15 yards. They replaced the barrel and it fixed that. Then it constantly jammed and was sent back two more times. The last tie I got it back it seemed fine, but I sold it and took a loss just to see it go. I let it go for $250. I swore off their pistols after that. I started buying Sigs and are now happy.

I am not knocking Beretta, I am simply stating that you can get good and bad in ANY brand. This was just my experience with them. The 92F is still going strong, my father shoots it every week or two.
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