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Very commendable.

There is enough (what is the word? stupidity? idiocy? blindness to facts? I don't know) in my state that I really applaud this declaration.

One of the daily papers in the Twin Cities is really left leaning.
They posted this despicable anti NRA article:

There is a blog site run by someone in my state about gun violence that is so incredibly naive and judgemental I can't be bothered to read it any more and and will not mention it here because I don't want it to get any more attention. (Although I was initially informed about it here at TFL.)

Years ago when the concealed carry legislation came up several of my legislators passed around a bullet proof vest which they donned before they made their speeches about how the streets would run red with blood and vow they would NEVER enter a store that was NOT posted as a gun free zone. Sheesh!

Thanks for posting this.
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