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Are old hunting semi-auto hunting rifles being affect by proposed ban?

So I still have my granfathers rifles. Have not been able to go to the range yet or get a staight answer from my Mother on if I can just buy them both from Grams myself. She only wants me to keep one... grrr...

Now they are 22 caliber semi automatics. I just wonder if they are affected by the proposed ban? If so it might be just the right loop hole to get mom to let me keep them in the family... wink wink

Mossberg 151K (1950-1951)
Remington 550-1 (Feb. 1960)

So do you think hey will be affected?

The one newer semi auto rifle I do want will be affected and cant be found locally...
beretta cx4 storm in a 40 caliber.
I see a trip to the gun show or buying one off gunbroker. Im betting the gunshows are going to be outrageous and I just hate buying like that in an auction. Hard to blindly send that kind of money to someone and trust you will get said item!
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