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Ok 1911 guru's got a parts question/problem

Actually 2 questions. Does the firing pin stop have a loose/snug/or very tight fit when inserting into the slide during assembly? On my son's Taurus, (ya I know dont waste your breath, couldnt see giving him a higher end 1911 for the first one)....Anyway, the firing pin stop has dimples on both sides (front and rear). Its like they were left over from manufacturing??? The fit is way to tight in my opinion, but maybe thats the way its supposed to be??? It took small punch and hammer for removal and installing. I did take some emery cloth to smooth down the fit and that seemed to fit. Question two... due to this tight fit, would it cause any hang ups with the firing pin plunger preventing the firing pin from traveling the full length travel during firing? I recently had about 2-3 rounds of a mag not fire. The primer had very light primer strikes/marks. When I reloaded the sames rounds, or recock and fire, the rounds fired fine. Reloads haver never failed in other guns (45acp), and are measured correctly on COL, crimp, not long or short when checked in barrel chamber itself, etc. I just wonder if any of that rough fit would keep the firing pin from traveling the full length. Are other firing pin stops loose or snug??? Any thoughts?
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