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Kudos, RedBowTies88! It is precisely in the most restrictive of states where we gun owners most need folks to stand up for their rights. Applying for the CHL is one way. You may be denied, but that denial might also give you standing to be a plaintiff, and that's how we've seen lots of good legal stuff come about in recent years.

I've edited your quote just a little. My additions are underlined, and my deletions stricken through.

Originally Posted by RedBowTies88
. . . .To exercise the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed to me by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution of the united sates of america and as further defined by the United States Supreme Court supreme court decesions decisions of Heller vs. DC and Mcdonald vs. Chicago.
I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you'll keep us posted.
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