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Vermont currently has the most lenient gun laws, but I don't think it's because Vermonters have given the issue careful thought and made a conscious decision to go that way - I get the sense it's more like imposing new gun restrictions just isn't a priority at the moment. That could change overnight and has to some extent as Sparks1957 pointed out. Given the politics of the state generally, the future could be problematical for anyone except hunters.

Maine is a nice state, and would make a reasonable second choice, but again I think their primary interest is in having guns to hunt with and I could see gun owners there (for example) going along with an AWB as long as nobody has plans to outlaw their old thutty-thutty.

And yes, that's an oversimplification - but as a gun owner in New England for the last 45 years I don't think it's far off the mark.

So, I voted for my adopted state, New Hampshire, and its limited and IMHO reasonable gun laws. In spite of a bit of a swing to the blue side of the aisle in the last election, I don't see things changing here anytime soon.
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