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one swoop of the pen....

The Gov of NY has now made all gun owners in the state...commercial gun owners as now any sales involve a background check. Which party initiates this(seller/buyer) and who pays for it and where is it done ? and cost ? How long are the results supposed to be stored/kept? He has also made anyone with a pre ban 94 magazine of over 10 rounds a criminal....or "fugitive"...I guess a fugitive until caught,then a criminal. HOW did he come to the number "7" ?

What was scope, NRA and other "protectors" of the second amendment doing that day? How could so many of our elected representatives pass this ? How does this affect licensed, armed security personnel who are not law enforcement? "7" rounds for the good guy making 10 bucks an hour to support their family and 30 for the bad guys.

I'm sure all criminals and mentally deficient people will follow the "7" round rule. Bet your life on it. (lol) Prohibition didn't work and it made millionaires out of crooks. Previous military style ban didn't work. You can buy drugs and illegal weopons almost anywhere. The only people affected by this legislation are the law abiding sane citizens of NY.

We can't just talk about this. We need to organize, peacefully and legally work to recind this legislation.

Tom USAF ret
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