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Do we need a backup plan for semi-auto rifles?

First off I feel we need to fight as hard as we can on every level and never give up our 2nd Amendment rights!

If by some strange cosmic force the dictator wins do we need a backup plan for semi-automatic rifles? What I'm thinking is something along the Remington 750 line. I am currently looking at getting one in 30-06 and was wishing there was an option for 5.56, 300aac, 6.8 SPC, etc..

How many would be interested in a .38/.357 or .44 spl / .44 mag version of an 1100 or 870? Tube fed fixed magazine that could be easily reloaded (tactical reloads) on the go. Yes there are currently lever action (30-30) options but a pump or auto would be great to have. I kick myself in the ass for not buying the Israeli pump in .357 years ago for $200 as I thought it was too expensive.

I have no intentions of getting rid of my AR but like to have a backup plan. If there is such an interest what would need to be done to get Remington or Mossberg interested?

Molon Labe!
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