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“If so, please give reasons why this is a good idea”

Not my job to convince anyone it is a good ideal, I can tell you why I do ‘it’ as in sorting by head stamp and year. Tumbling, sorting cases after tumbling is made easier if the cases being tumbled have different head stamps, my fired cases always go back into the box they came from.

Then there is the old ‘wife's tale’ military is thicker because it is heavier, that story should start with ‘once upon a time’, because it is a half truth, military 30/06 cases heads are .200” thick, R-P 30/06 case heads are .260” thick, if the military case is heavier deductive reasoning would suggest the military case head is thinner with a heavier/thicker case body, again, if the military case is heavier.

Then there is safety, my opinion the .260" case head of the R-P is safer than the .200" military case head is case head crush/insipient case head separation/case head failure is a consideration. Then there is case head protrusion or unsupported case head between the bolt face and chamber. Between the Mauser and 30/06 chambers in the Springfield and Enfield M1917s the unsupported case head is from .090” and .115” protrusion, in the perfect world.

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