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New to Firing Line, looking for great instructor in Arlington, WA area

Hello there, I am fairly new to guns and would like to find a great instructor or class but am not having any luck, I talk with a few at the local range and I am not at all impressed. They all seem to "talk down" to me and act as if I don't know a dang thing, very upsetting to say the least. I live in Stanwood but will travel to Bellevue area for the classes I see there if I need to.
Any one out there live in this area and have any thoughts on classes closer to home? Like I said I am fairly new at shooting but want to become better (a lot better) I am excited about learning more but cannot find a class or instructor that seems worth the money and the time.
Any suggestions would be welcome and thank you in advance. Oh, my husband has offered to teach me as he has been shooting for years, he hunts and it is proficient in all types of guns as it is what he basically does with the military for over 20 yrs, but I would like an actual class.
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