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Vermonter, I had a link but it no longer works. Just enter 18 USC 926A into your search engine and it'll come up.

The FOPA does NOT say you cannot make any stops. I don't know where people get this idea. Suppose I set out to drive from Maine to California. I have no idea how far that is (3,000 miles? 3,500 miles? More?), but it's for darned sure farther than anyone can drive non-stop with no food, fuel, potty stops or sleep. Am I to believe that if I stop to pee, eat supper, and grab forty winks so that I won't be a zombie behind the wheel that the FOPA will NOT cover me for that journey?

Remember, the only arrests (that I know of) for this have been by the NY/NJ Port Authority Police, and they have not been prosecuted.
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