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I have noticed a definate "Barrel Heaviness" to my Piettia Police ove a '51 , 36 LOndon Model. Not bad just heavier...
Function fit and finish are first rate with the Piettia and I especally like the non-traditional 6 shot cylinder and full size .36 frame!
The power and velocity of a 22gr powder load behind the .36 ball make for a deep penetrating nard hitting load! I would not doubt it for a self-defense load.
DIfferent mechanics come into play shooting a round ball against a conical bullet. Though many have compared (due to the math) the .36 C&B to the .32 Long Colt but I have to disagree due to the deep penetrating Ball.
Just note Hickock's shooting across the square where his Ball pierced clothing , flesh, and bone to complete a Heart shot. I doubt the .32 Long colt could make such a claim.
The .36 has been a noted manstopper during and after the Civil War and people are just as tough and dense today, with lighter clothing to deflect a Ball.
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