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When do you use your coyote locater call?

I have been getting into yote calling for a few months and am really enjoying it so far . None dropped on the ground yet but it wont be long, LOL .
I want to ask when do you use your coyote locater sound/call? Do you use it the very first thing once you get to your stand to see if any are around or just what? Will they answer right back to the bark sounds of the locator ?
Is there a certain time of day that you WOULD NOT use the locator, such as mid-day or evening ?
I have a Johnny Stewart PM-4 digital caller that has the locator sound as well as a number of different rabbit distress calls.
I also have a Predator Quest Ruffie dog Jr. hand call that I have been practicing with and am getting decent with that.
I dont want to scare away any yotes that may be in the area if I were to put out the locator sound at the wrong time, know what I mean?
Give me some tips on what works for you if you wouldnt mind, and I thank you.
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