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.36 London 1851

I own a Uberti London Model and I really like the differences in this Model from Piettia 1851 Models. Owning both brands I have had occasion to evaluate both brands.
The Uberti has one major improvrment, that being that it follows the origonal London design complete with Peacmaker style grip shape! SO much more comfortabe than the sharp heeled Piettia grip design.
I rounded my Piettia 1851 frame and grip to add a smoother area to touch the palm of the hand.
Uberti color case hardening is also more coorfull and the bluing much deeper!
Now that I know what roundness to shape to, I will do my .36 Piettia Police revolver which is ome of my favorite guns!
A bonus with the Uberti is a buttery smooth action and lighter hammer stroke making cocking much easier. Perhaps the pivot points in the Uberti must be differently locatedd.
In Cabela's catalog a review of the Piettia London Model mentipons their use of the Peacemaker grip shape. Good for them!tarting a couple years ago Piettia quality came way up and now challenges Uberti for longivity and fit
Both brands have had broken Hammer hand springs...
I really like that Peacemaker grip on a '51!
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