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You're right, it's not. And on any other day I would do the animal the justice of verifying the trajectory at different distances. But I have ten rounds left. I have no time to go to the range before this Saturday morning. I only get the chance to go hog hunting once in a while. My standing unsupported aim with iron sights likely has a decent variance anyway, but at least I am trying to determine where to hold to give that first hog the best chance at a clean death.

It's not ideal, but it's realistic.

Keg, when i say 200 yards with iron sights POA, i don't mean I can call my shots in 2 inch groups or anything. I mean, when i hold on the center of a steel ram silhouette, my wife looks through the spotter and verifies a center hit. There could be a decent amount of variance in the shot that I can't distinguish from my lack of marksmanship ability, but it is a far cry from my m1 carbine on which I have to hold two feet low and left to hit center at 200.

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