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You are not going to change the term. G&A and the firearm industry have tried to change it to MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) for years. Ok, if you are going to do it, get something catchy. Assault Weapon like it or not has that for the press, MSR doe snot.

At some point, you have to accept you are spitting in the wind and while you do not have to use the term, you have to argue on the basis of others using and accepting the term (and not just the opposition, the large group in the middle that is trying to make sens of all this)

So, first

ITS THE SECOND AMENDMENT! Its not the third, 4th or tenth. The though it was that damned important. Inherent in the 2nd is both gun ownership and civic duty.

Second (pun): The gun available and used by the armed forces in those days was the musket. Regardless of how you feel, the modern equivalent of the musket is the AR (frankly I think the ergonomics suck, but it is what they equipped the US forces with)

By default, if the civic duty and requirement (gun ownership right aside) is to be honored, you should have an AR.

Last: Read the book and encouraging other to, Living With Guns. You may not like all that is in there and you likely will see some technical items wrong as I did, but its a basis for discussion.
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