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Tomorrow when I go to the club that is one hour away I'll be taking 5 handguns and 3 rifles.

Of the 5 handguns I'll be;
1. Testing one that I recenty repaired
2. 2 that I have whipped up test black powder cartridges fpr
3. 2 that I have whipped up test smokeless loads for
4. The last one is my Pietta New Army. I just have to shoot that thing.

Of the 3 rifles;
1. I have whipped up gallery loads to test using the Enfield No.4 Mk II
2. The 9mm AR I had to tweak the mag block. I have to test it before I sell it.
3. My old JC Higgins Model 31 .22 that needed some tweaks due to failure to fire issues.

Once I get home I'll clean the firearms I shot with BP loads. The others I'll get cleaned over then next week.

Who knows what I'll take out next time......
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