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Has anybody considered non-detachable rifle magazines of 8-10 rounds capacity (SKS, pistol caliber levers)? These obviously don't fall under the new assault weapons definition as they don't have detachable magazines.
This is true in theory, although in practice, most all SKS (and many Mini-14) variants have features that would otherwise qualify them as assault weapons.

OTOH you're absolutely right about lever rifles; IMHO the product planners at Mossberg may be on to something with the 464 SPX, although I suggest that they also offer a .44Mag or .45 Colt version to allow the use of a 7rd magazine tube.
And I guess you can't load them with more than 7 rounds now.
But does it mean owners of such rifles will not be able to sell them inside the state anymore?
The law seems to exempt lever rifles.
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