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HIPAA VS Executive Orders

The new Obama gun plan talks in loose terms about sharing information on mental health patients. But how does this actually work? When you visit the doctors office you sign a HIPAA form. This form allows the option of not sharing your medical infromation.

Health Insurers and Providers who are covered entities must comply with your right to:
•Ask to see and get a copy of your health records
•Have corrections added to your health information
•Receive a notice that tells you how your health information may be used and shared
•Decide if you want to give your permission before your health information can be used or shared for certain purposes, such as for marketing
•Get a report on when and why your health information was shared for certain purposes
•If you believe your rights are being denied or your health information isn’t being protected, you can ◦File a complaint with your provider or health insurer
◦File a complaint with the U.S. Government
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