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That's the obvious answer, except for two things - I don't have enough ammo to spare at the range (and can't find any more) and I just now got the offer to go hunting this Saturday morning. If your suggestion was an option I wouldn't post this question.
Wait. You don't have enough ammo to spare at the range but are willing to take internet guesses on where your gun will impact for the purposes of hunting an animal? That is not the good way to assume a clean kill.

When hunters take shots at distances for which they don't know the trajectory of the rounds can explain why hunters make a lot of bad shots.

On the good side, you are at least working toward instead of away from your known. Using a ballistics calculator, looks like you need to ain about 2.75" low at 50 yards, but just over 4" at 100 yards.

Still, you should go and shoot at some distance increments to verify the theory.
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