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So with my NYC Residence/ Premises Permit, I'm able to shoot at a pistol range with a magazine holding 10 rounds but, if I ever have to actually use my gun in my home in self defense, I'm only allowed to load 7 rounds?
As I read it, yes, although IANAL.
Now a Mosin Nagant can be considered an "Assault Weapon/Rifle" -- Ridiculous.
I believe this is incorrect; as stu925 pointed out in post #222, bolt-action firearms are specifically exempted.

Also, it's worth pointing out that the act does not seem to restrict the mere ability to accept a bayonet; it restricts bayonet mounts. This is significant because certain military firearms such as the Mosin Nagant do not have a separate bayonet mount; the bayonet fits around the front sight.
...there's nothing at ALL anywhere mentioning revolvers, whether they're included or excluded from the capacity regulations... I'm erring on the side of caution and not buying a 9-shot revolver.
Revolvers are the subject of a lengthy discussion in another thread in L&CR. In my non-lawyerly opinion, the definition of "large capacity ammunition feeding device" is vague enough that it may eventually encompass 8-10 shot revolvers, but it's unclear whether they'll be regulated in the short term.
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