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I mounted mine on a 3/4 inch thick wood cutting board, wife hasn't even missed it yet. I screwed a 35 mm film can to the corner and keep the spare center& Allen wrench in it.
I was thinking about almost the same thing last night...not with the cutting board though...there are some things I know I can't get away with messing with

But I was thinking about some 3/4 ply to mount the loading stand. I'll have to get the dimensions of the stand after it gets here, but maybe a piece of ply thats 15" X 20", film canister screwed to one corner to keep up with the accessories. I might put a small table together with some fold up legs on it and dovetail the loading stand board onto it so that its easily removeable...depends on the weather and how much spare time I'm going to have in the evenings after work. If I build it, I'll post pictures of the finished project...might be a week or longer before I can get to it. It's sopping wet here from all the rain and we may have snow coming in tonight.
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