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GeeJ, good thinking. Most LEO's here in NC do not fear armed citizens. A cop I go to church with says it eases his mind to know that he may get unexpected help in some bad situation. Numerous others have told me they do not fear us.

Since getting my permit & carrying, I have been hit twice in auto accidents, been witness to several others, reported job site crimes & talked with LEO's riding by a few of my late night jobs. I have disclosed over a dozen times to cops that I was carrying. Not a one had an issue with it.

From many posts on this forum, I see that cops in some states are not like that. Seems to be mostly northeastern states that police may see themselves as more a part of the ruling elite and think citizens have no need or right to carry. I think cops in my state largely see themselves as part of the community and that policing is just what they do for a living. They take it seriously and all, but do not abuse their power. There are exceptions of course.
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